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Hey, I'm Phoebe Sorrel Benge-Abbott. Welcome and thanks for visiting my site!

I am a trained chef and have recently branched out into recipe development, food styling and photography. Through this I found a love for creating beautiful images as well as delicious food. I live in the stunning Kent countryside in the UK where I have a small photography studio in my garden, with an extensive prop collection. I worked in professional kitchens for many years but have decided to pursue food styling as a way to express my creativity and passion for food. 

My recipes reflect my love of seasonal ingredients based around exceptional produce. I love to incorporate my interest in nutrition and dietary requirements where I can and my recipes often reflect that. Many of them are vegan or vegetarian and some have added benefits like reduced sugar or extra protein.

For many years I focused almost exclusively on gluten-free cooking due to a personal allergy. However, to my delight I have discovered that I have healed my gut through a combination of healthy eating, excluding gluten completely and supplements. I wasn't sure it was possible but as it turns out I am no longer have a gluten allergy! Hello pizza, good bread and pastries! What a joy! There was a downside however, somehow I am now allergic to corn, soy and yellow squash and I have discovered that these allergies aren't much simpler to cater for. Although I don't eat many processed foods, I have been surprised at how many foods contain either soy or corn or both! Granola bars, bread, mayonnaise and yoghurt to name a few. As a result my recipes now exclude these ingredients. Naturally I taste and eat all of the food I produce, as well as sharing them with friends and family. I wouldn't want any unnecessary food waste due to allergies, just to satisfy my desire to create.

I also love to incorporate my obsession with foraging and wild food when I have the opportunity. I collect herbs, fruit and particularly mushrooms when in season. I also bring an extra dimension to my creative process by hand-crafting some of my own props and backgrounds as well as growing some of the ingredients in my small cottage garden.

I hope you will find my recipes concise and easy to read. I love to talk and think about food but when I am looking for inspiration myself I sometimes find it frustrating to wade through all the information given. My aim with my website is to give you what you came here for; recipes!

My journey has been one of discovery and intrigue and I'm delighted to be able to share it with you. I am passionate about working with seasonal produce, sustainability, home grown ingredients and foraging from nature but most of all delicious, fresh and nutritious food.

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