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Roasted Pepper Salad with Burrata and Dukkah Crisp Bread

I really like burrata and often order it when I see it on restaurant menus but I feel a bit fatigued by the combinations; its usually some variation on tomatoes and basil. I thought it would be nice to pair it with a different vibrant summer vegetable and here we are. Enjoy!

Serves 2 with left over peppers

Prep time 10 mins

Cook time 30 mins

Pepper salad

10 mixed peppers, cores removed and cut in quarters

Chilli flakes & black pepper to taste

3 Garlic cloves, grated

Bunch of fresh oregano

2 tbsp olive oil

6 tbsp sherry vinegar

3 red onions

Dukkah crackers

1 tbsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp fennel seeds

1.5 tbsp coriander seeds

200g GF plain flour

2 tbsp Ground psyllium husk

Juice of 1 lemon

60g greek yoghurt

800ml cold water

50g Mixed seeds

Everything else

2 balls of burrata

Glug of good quality olive oil

Basil leaves

Smoked chilli flakes


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C. Combine the chilli flakes, black pepper, garlic, 1/2 bunch oregano, chopped and 3 tbsp of sherry vinegar with the peppers in a deep baking dish. Roast for about an hour. Remove and allow to cool before removing the skins from the peppers. Chop the peppers into quarters and set aside. Keep the juices from the pan for later.

  2. Slice the red onions into half rings and add to a pan over medium heat with a splash of oil and the remaining finely chopped oregano. Allow to cook down gently for 10 minutes before adding the remaining 3 tbsp of sherry vinegar and a big pinch of pepper.

  3. For the crackers, toast the cumin, fennel and coriander seeds in a pan until fragrant then roughly blitz in a food processor with a big pinch of salt. Add the psyllium husk, flour and blend again, followed by the yoghurt and the lemon juice. Slowly pour the water in until you get a fairly wet dough. Take the dough out and mix the seeds through it.

  4. On a baking sheet, lay a silicone baking mat, if you have one, or a sheet of baking parchment. Take a couple of tablespoons of the dough and spread it as thin as you can with a spatular, don’t worry if you get some holes. Bake it for 10-15 mins until crisp, remove and leave to cool completely before repeating with the remaining dough. Once cooled break it into large pieces.

  5. Combine the cooled onions and peppers and taste; it may need a little salt. Arrange in shallow bowls and top with the burrata. Drizzle the olive oil over the cheese along a good sprinkle of salt and pepper. Finish with the basil leaves, child flakes and a couple of the dukkah crackers.



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